Keynotes and Seminar Presentations


  • Margaryan, A., (2023, August 24). The duality of global online labour platforms as restrictive-expansive sites of professional learning and development [Conference presentation]. The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Margaryan, A., (2023, November 10). Artificial intelligence and skills in the workplace [Conference presentation]. RiBL Colloquium on Learning and Skills in the Digital Workplace, Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • Buhl-Wiggers, J., & Franck, M. (2022, June 1-3). Improving math skills using a concurrent in-person / online self-paced supplemental course for introductory microeconomics [Conference presentation]. Eleventh annual American Economic Association conference on teaching and research in economic education, Chicago, IL, United States.
  • Charlton-Czaplicki, T., & Hukal, P. (2022, July 9-11). A life course perspective on transitions into the gig economy: Evidence from the UK [Conference presentation]. Fourth annual conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Margaryan, A. (2022, June 7). How data science and online data can help close digital skills gap [Invited panel presentation]. Future of Work and Inclusive Growth annual conference, Bruegel, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Margaryan, A. (2022, June 30). Crowdwork platforms as restrictive-expansive learning sites [Invited presentation]. “2030 on the horizon: Skills in the online platform economy” webinar, European Centre for the Development of Vocational Education, Thessaloniki, Greece.


  • Buhl-Wiggers, J. (2021, June 2-4). Exploring treatment effect heterogeneity when introducing flipped classroom [Presentation at online conference]. The tenth annual conference on Teaching & Research in Economic Education (CTREE), Portland, Oregon.
  • Kjærgaard, A. (2021, January). Bruger vi tiden i undervisningslokalet rigtigt? [Are we using the time in the classroom properly?] [Invited online presentation]. The thinktank DEA in collaboration with the Danish higher education institutions, Seminar on experiences with technology-supported learning.
  • Kjærgaard, A. (2021, January). Presentation at EDTech Denmark [non-profit learning technology association], Copenhagen. Denmark.
  • Kjærgaard, A. (2021, March). Nye digitale læringsformer og blended learning: Hvad siger den nyeste forskning? [New digital forms of learning and blended learning: What does the most recent research say?] [Invited online presentation]. Cranet, HR conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Kjærgaard, A. (2021, April 20). An invited presentation to share insights from the Covid-imposed online teaching [online presentation]. Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education (DUN), Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Kjærgaard, A. (2021, September). Participation in a discussion on effective learning designs using new technologies in a post Covid-19 scenario. Lundbeck, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Margaryan, A. (2021, November 10-12). The Life Course: An interdisciplinary framework for broadening the scope of research on crowdwork [Invited online presentation]. The third international symposium on Biases in Human Computation and Crowdsourcing, Delft, Netherlands.

  • Zambach, S. (2021, September 10). Findings from the formal CBS Covid lockdown evaluations (three semesters). Learning for the Future 2021 seminar, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • Charlton-Czaplicki, T. (2020, December). Studying crowdwork from a life course perspective [Research project presentation]. Platform Economy Interest Group (PEIG), Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford, Oxford, Denmark.
  • Margaryan, A. (2020, January). Learning practices in the platform economy [Invited presentation]. Ministry of Education and Science of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Margaryan, A. (2020, October). Learning and skills in online labour platforms [Invited seminar presentation]. Platform Economy Interest Group (PEIG), Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.


  • Buhl-Wiggers, J. (2019, November). Student engagement in blended learning: A study of reluctance to participate [Invited presentation]. University College Zealand, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Buhl-Wiggers, J. & Kjærgaard, A. (2019, August). Presentation at the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA), Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Margaryan, A. (2019, June). Microwork platforms: A challenge for artificial intelligence, a challenge for employment [Invited presentation]. France Strategie (Office of the French Prime Minister) and International Network on Digital Labour (INDL) conference, Paris, France.
  • Margaryan, A. (2019, September). Workplace learning practices in crowdwork: Implications for policy and practice of higher education [Invited seminar presentation]. Centre for Higher Education Futures, Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Margaryan, A. (2019, December). Skill formation and workplace learning in crowdwork [Invited presentation]. Finnish Presidency of the EU and Cedefop, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Munk, K. (2019, September). Presentation at Danish Technical University (DTU), Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Munk, K. (2019, October). Presentation at Area9 [e-learning software provider], Copenhagen Denmark.


  • Buhl-Wiggers, J. & Kjærgaard, A. (2018). Presentation at Eduflow (formerly Peergrade) [Learning management system], Copenhagen, Denmark.